Race Day (UPDATED w/Video)

Rain -> Wet -> Light Rain -> FOG -> Wet. Everything but fine weather conditions throughout the race – Take home notes at the end of post. The day was spent between the pit and the lookout over hairpin corner.  UPDATE: Finally getting around to sort out video and Youtube.  Video of the startup and…… Continue reading Race Day (UPDATED w/Video)

Participation confirmed

Image: Nissan Motorsports International.  Although only a test race, NISMO have pulled out the big guns – Kageyama, Tanaka and Hoshino.  With rainy season due to start early next week, with a bit of luck and being the only AWD in ST1 it could be a walkover.  http://www.nismo.co.jp/news_list/2010/motorsports_news/10003.html Who is coming up?  Let me know.

“Public” Test #1

Despite showing on the timing screens, managed to go under the radar (for most part) with only one media photographer paying attention at the very end of the session. Suppose there is no harm now since his photos have already hit the net.  Although of great interest to R35 owners around the world, the slicks probably will not…… Continue reading “Public” Test #1