All to ourselves (UPDATED w/Video)

Good weather, 3 drivers,  2 cars, 1 track. The economy the way it is, front bumpers were removed as a cost cutting measure.  AE86 lived up to its purpose, as we tweaked and (I) learnt more about handling throughout the morning.  Having a pro driver around is handy! Ultimately no matter what we did, there…… Continue reading All to ourselves (UPDATED w/Video)

Race Day (UPDATED w/Video)

Rain -> Wet -> Light Rain -> FOG -> Wet. Everything but fine weather conditions throughout the race – Take home notes at the end of post. The day was spent between the pit and the lookout over hairpin corner.  UPDATE: Finally getting around to sort out video and Youtube.  Video of the startup and…… Continue reading Race Day (UPDATED w/Video)

Auto Paradise

The sound of 2 strokes in the morning. Literally across the road from the hotel is this full spec racing kart course. We had a go on the rentals before our afternoon meetings. Damn professional race car driver.  Just over a second off his pace.  SJ: 5X.546 Me: 5X.617 Auto Paradise Gotenba