All to ourselves (UPDATED w/Video)

Good weather, 3 drivers,  2 cars, 1 track. The economy the way it is, front bumpers were removed as a cost cutting measure.  AE86 lived up to its purpose, as we tweaked and (I) learnt more about handling throughout the morning.  Having a pro driver around is handy! Ultimately no matter what we did, there…… Continue reading All to ourselves (UPDATED w/Video)

Truck choppin’

Overnight tag-team long haul west.  Slept in, then prepped for tomorrow. PS: Introduced to this (amongst other tracks) which got us through the night: StereoHeroes – Action Pack (The Mixtape) by stereoheroes

Race Day (UPDATED w/Video)

Rain -> Wet -> Light Rain -> FOG -> Wet. Everything but fine weather conditions throughout the race – Take home notes at the end of post. The day was spent between the pit and the lookout over hairpin corner.  UPDATE: Finally getting around to sort out video and Youtube.  Video of the startup and…… Continue reading Race Day (UPDATED w/Video)


One of the very fresh 400 limited edition Japan only GRB R205 was in our hotel parking lot when we returned.  From the outside, everything is just…bigger. Air intake spans almost half the width of the bonnet: Enormous rotors behind 18 inch wheels.  Fronts: Rears: Just under 5 million yen for these when you could…… Continue reading R205