Post production: Rice

During a conversation with a friend concerning the correlation between the “whiteness” of rice and it’s glycemic index (GI), I let slip that as of late last year, for health and other reasons, I was milling my own rice. Put simply, the browner the rice, the lower the GI and the greater the vitamin/nutrient retention.…… Continue reading Post production: Rice

All to ourselves (UPDATED w/Video)

Good weather, 3 drivers,  2 cars, 1 track. The economy the way it is, front bumpers were removed as a cost cutting measure.  AE86 lived up to its purpose, as we tweaked and (I) learnt more about handling throughout the morning.  Having a pro driver around is handy! Ultimately no matter what we did, there…… Continue reading All to ourselves (UPDATED w/Video)


indefinitely until I sort other things out.  Teething problems are a little too much to sort right now for my already overloaded plate.