CHDK on Canon PowerShot S100 for Beginners (Completely Safe)

Despite the wealth of information regarding getting Canon Hacker Development Kit (CHDK) on your Canon Powershot S100, there are many options mixed up with old information. For those who are new to the camera hacking game, and want an completely non-destructive way of trying out the CHDK follow these steps: Installation Take a photo (JPG…… Continue reading CHDK on Canon PowerShot S100 for Beginners (Completely Safe)

All to ourselves (UPDATED w/Video)

Good weather, 3 drivers,  2 cars, 1 track. The economy the way it is, front bumpers were removed as a cost cutting measure.  AE86 lived up to its purpose, as we tweaked and (I) learnt more about handling throughout the morning.  Having a pro driver around is handy! Ultimately no matter what we did, there…… Continue reading All to ourselves (UPDATED w/Video)

Grabbing Air

After almost five years in Japan, I am still being informed of small race tracks all across this little country (when compared to Australia). Being in the Sera region, and for those of you who know me – not a drinker, had a quick trip out to Green Park Korakuen (グリーンパークKORAKUEN). I have travelled around…… Continue reading Grabbing Air