Driving in Japan – License Requirements for visitors

As at the date of this post, requirements for visitors (tourists) for driving in Japan (who do not have a Japanese issued driving license). 1. – Valid driving license 2.1 – If the driving license is issued by nation that has signed the 1949 Geneva Convention on Road Traffic, an International Driving Permit (IDP) from the issuing nation…… Continue reading Driving in Japan – License Requirements for visitors

Asian Long Horned Beetle カミキリムシ

For the entomologists out there, this not so little bugger decided to pay a visit while cleaning my my air conditioning unit.Hadn’t seen anything like it before, but thanks to a few friends on FB, phentermine it has been identified it as an Asian Long Horned Beetle (カミキリムシ).…and in case you hadn’t noticed, it was blue.Didn’t…… Continue reading Asian Long Horned Beetle カミキリムシ

Post production: Rice

During a conversation with a friend concerning the correlation between the “whiteness” of rice and it’s glycemic index (GI), I let slip that as of late last year, for health and other reasons, I was milling my own rice. Put simply, the browner the rice, the lower the GI and the greater the vitamin/nutrient retention.…… Continue reading Post production: Rice

All to ourselves (UPDATED w/Video)

Good weather, 3 drivers,  2 cars, 1 track. The economy the way it is, front bumpers were removed as a cost cutting measure.  AE86 lived up to its purpose, as we tweaked and (I) learnt more about handling throughout the morning.  Having a pro driver around is handy! Ultimately no matter what we did, there…… Continue reading All to ourselves (UPDATED w/Video)

Truck choppin’

Overnight tag-team long haul west.  Slept in, then prepped for tomorrow. PS: Introduced to this (amongst other tracks) which got us through the night: StereoHeroes – Action Pack (The Mixtape) by stereoheroes