Grabbing Air


After almost five years in Japan, I am still being informed of small race tracks all across this little country (when compared to Australia). Being in the Sera region, and for those of you who know me – not a drinker, had a quick trip out to Green Park Korakuen (グリーンパークKORAKUEN).

I have travelled around Japan either racing myself or following race events of the main 4 wheel codes (Super GT, Super Taikyu, D1 GP, etc), This little piece of motorsports heaven is not only home to the Hiroshima stages of the All-Japan Motocross Championship but has go-kart, road bike, remote control car and drift practise facilities.

Being a Sunday, enthusiasts of all codes, were out fine tuning their skills. Due to the minority of our visiting party having an interest, only a limited amount of time was spent spectacting. There was enough time though to pull out the 30D to have my first real go at shooting moving objects.

Probably because I was the only one panning with my camera at the first jump of of the main course, I think was starting getting the attention of the riders:

Will definitely be visiting again.

3 thoughts on “Grabbing Air”

  1. Ask the riders to do the superman thing. you know.. hands and feet off the bike for couple of seconds in the air

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